Inside Information

I have been on the audio forums for years now and do not recall anyone saying they worked for any audio manufacturers . The wealth of knowledge they posses about the products we inquire about would be invaluable . Especially speaker manufacturers . I want to know what amplification they used to produce their speakers for testing . That's the amp I would want to buy for their speakers ! Cable makers would be another area I would like insider knowledge .

I want the real dirt on this industry !
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ARC uses Maggies to test their equipment.

Maggie used to use ARC on their speakers but has been using Bryston at shows for some years.

I think visiting shows is valuable (not to listen to oddly set up equipment in unfamiliar rooms) but to see who uses what for their demos...

(I am a scientist and do not work for or with any consumer company BTW)
ARC used to switch out Maggies and Wilsons in their listening room. Now that they are part of WOM, they also have Sonus Faber on hand.
There are quite a few industry insiders here.  some post regularly, some do not.  As far as manufacturers go, Ralph Karsten of Atmasphere, Geoff from Machina-Dynamica, Jonathan Carr from Lyra, and Steve McCormick of McCormick/SMcAudio are some names that come to mind immediately.  Also several very knowledgeable dealers.  One of the cool things about this hobby is that many of the manufacturers are very approachable.  So if you have a specific question, don't be afraid to get on the phone and ask.   
Peter Noerbaek from PBN, Steve Nugent from Empirical are here. Many manufacturers participate on Audio Circle. That's where they also announce info on new models and upgrades.