Inquiry re: I2S

All right here's the deal. I have "vintage" equipment. I run both digital sources through my Audio Alchemy DTI Pro32 and then onto my Muse Model 2+ DAC. The AA piece is fitted with an I2S out and the Muse with I2S in. The difference is in the connectors. The I2S cable that AA went with is not nearly the same as the input for the Muse which looks rather like an old parallel port as found on old printers.

So finally the question: Does anyone know of anyone having made a cable to complete this connection? When I bought the Muse here on AGon I got two cables that were custom made but sadly non funcitonal for this purpose. This was not hidden in the transaction but sadly, none of these Franken-cables work. I am no DIY'er thus are looking to see if any such accomodation ever existed.
The folks at Wyred 4 Sound are quite familar w/ I2s connections, and could probably get the job done. But they are definately busy these days. Give them a shot.