Input to Use for a Phono stage

My integrated amp has several inputs.......MP, CD, Tuner, Aux, Tape Monitor, and Tape 2. As I understand these are line level inputs. Currently I am using the MP, CD, and AUX. Recently purchased an external phono stage (Graham Slee). Does it matter which input I use for the phono stage? If not, is there any of these inputs that would be best to use?Thanks
Any line level input will work. There's no preference between them, as they all function the same. You don't say if your amp has a Phono input, but if it does, do NOT plug the Slee into it — the result would be gross distortion.
You are now using MP, CD, AUX. I'd suggest Tape 2, using the "Play" inputs on the back. Tape Monitor may have an extra button to push, which can get confusing. Just select your Tape 2 when playing vinyl, and be sure Monitor is switched off.
I used a Tape input for my phono preamp for weeks, it sounded fine.
All of the line level inputs go to the same place. Or follow bimasta’s suggestion, if you don’t want to disconnect the gear already connected to the line level inputs, in favor of your new phono stage.