input sensitivity exceeded

What happens if the rated input sensitivity is exceeded? For example if I have an amp with rated input sensitivity of 2V and I have a DAC that outputs 2.3V what happens here if it's turned all the way up. Does the amp clip it? What is heard on the output?

The jumpers in the DAC can be changed to bring it in line but I'm wondering if it's ok to just not turn it up to full volume.

I understand there are some other issues with respect to the DAC output when adjusting the digital volume, i.e., some small loss of resolution, but leaving that aside for now what effect occurs on the amp's side?
regards, David
Hi, your sensitivity ratio in relationship to your dac and amp may actually be too low. Most amps have an input sensitivity about the same as yours and most better preamps have the ability to swing 5 to 25 volts to achieve lifelike dynamic swings in the music.Many people who go from dac to amp are very impressed with the transparency, but when they switch back to a preamp the sound is more lifelike and more to there preference, that is because the pre has the capability to do these voltage swings and the dac does not. A dac to amp usually works best when the amp has a input sensitivity of about .5v, then at least you are getting a 5 to one ratio of voltage swing. Cd players such as accuphase and others have a volume control to adjust the output to match it ideally to your preamp and advise not plugging it directly into your amp, because of the inability of the dac to properly power the amp.
2.3V will be the maximum output capability of the DAC, not a continuous output. Find a recording in your collection that you know to have a very high recording level, or very wide dynamic swings(IE: Telarc's Pictures at an Exhibition, Firebird Suite, etc.) and see how the system sounds at FFFF levels. Chances are most of your recordings were engineered at levels well below what would cause your amp to clip. Just keep your finger on the pause control.