Input requested on 3 options for listening room

My listening room is 20 x 28 x 7.5 ft., with speakers along the short wall and some broadband room treatments. Electronics: Cambridge Audio Azur 840C CDP and Belles Statement integrated amp (180 W per side).

In about a month, I'm hoping to audition the following three speakers: Harbeth SHL5, Dynaudio Confidence C1 Signature and Audio Physic Scorpio (or Tempo).

I am not a bass freak nor do I listen at ear-bleeding levels. Ultimately, my goal is to find a speaker (up to 7K) that will provide a more musical presentation, with an increased sense of musicians-in-the-room reality, than what I am currently getting through Acoustic Zen Adagios.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.
Maggie 3.7's would be great in that size room if you have the right amp
My listening room is 16 x 28 x 7.5 ft., with speakers along the short wall as well. I have the Vienna Acoustics Mahlers. They present a huge soundstage that extends forward into the room, has plenty of depth, wraps around the side walls, and depending on the recording the sound seems to come from behind my head.
They have plenty of bass, are very smooth throughout the entire frequency responce and sound good at all listening levels. The retail is about $10,000, however, I have seen them here on Audiogon within your $7000 budget.
My CD player is Meridian, the pre-amp is Jeff Rowland and my poweramps are Classe' CAM 350 monoblocks.
These speakers do the job for me and I am completly satisfied with their performance.
Good luck

Thanks, Alan (and Hank).

I used to have Maggie 1.6s but I sold them even though I loved their transparency and huge soundstage. The reason: I felt they were too much for my low (7'6") ceiling. Obviously, the 3.7s would be even more imposing, although I'm sure they sound glorious!

That is why I'm currently considering Harbeth SHL5, Dynaudio Confidence C1 Signature and Audio Physic Scorpio, which my local dealer has or can get. Opinions wanted! :-)
My room is 15.5 x 19 x 8. The 3.7's work better in the room than the 1.6's I had before them. I wouldn't rule them out. By the way, If you liked the Maggies I can't imagine that you are going to like C1s. But It never hurts to listen.