input & output cable for Nakamchi tape deck

I have a nakamichi 682zx I bought not long ago but with no cables . I am looking for in put & out put cables A very good kit or, used is fine . I am interested in something very very nice for classical music The speakers are Dahlquist DQ 10's for now, but am changing hopefully to a pair of used Obelish . I would like best value for money USED or if kit is better ?

Thank you
AB .
Why do you want good cables? What are you hoping to accomplish? What do you consider to be a good cable?



I would try something like Kimbers PBJ.
I have use the Audio Art IC-3 with a Nakamichi DR1 using metal and chrome tapes and they were wonderful. Great detail, very good of record and playback. I would recommend very easily. Good price point. There are some good write ups on positive feedback. The web site is
Gonna go out on a limb and recommend the Acoustic Research PR-130 cables recommended by Sam Tellig. You can find them on ebay for < $10. Use them until you find something better, but for the $ it'll be hard to do in your application.
Rja, and all,
I'm really new to this cable business so I don't know what exactly to consider . I plan to record off of a very fine TT( when I can get one { an old Townshend } ) and the tuner . I can play the tapes when I don't wont to take my Classical records out or listen to the same old stuff they play sometimes on 96.3 .

I'm very happy with my CAT Cables. Having owned a Nakamichi ZX9 I believe a good quality silver cable will open up the sound , and deliver the detail a Nak is capable of. The CATs are far superior in the price:performance ratio to anything I've auditioned. Build quality is excellent as well. A pair of Silvercats is comparable in price to WireWorld copper ICs and sound much better.
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It seams that what I have is a choice of spending about $200 or much less about $10 Is there any thing In a kit I that I could make for performance like the cats for less ?

Hi All,

I just ordered 2 pair of Audio Art IC-3's for $140 demo
nice guy to talk to also .

Thanks for the recommendations