Input on Cary CDP

I want to add a CDP and have a chance to pick up a used Cary 301 or a used Cary 308T. My main listening is vinyl in a pair Proac 1SCs driven by a Cary SEI300 integrated but there is obviously music available only on CD. The 301 is less expensive but, if warranted, I probabaly could spring the extra dollars. I heard the the Cary 300 years ago and thought it was good. I do not have a Cary dealer near me to go and listen so I would appreciate any input from those who are familiar with these pieces. Thanks Dave
I own the Cary 308T and love it. It's detailed yet has the smooth tube sound. I actually prefer it to the more detailed 303/200 which most people don't. I'm a vinyl guy too, so that's why I lean towards the 308T.

I now use a Sony XA777ES (modded) - very underrated for it's redbook. I prefer it to an unmodded SCD-1.

That being said, the Cary is more musical. The Sony is more analytical.

Hope this helps a little.
I had both the 301 and 308T. I would recommend the 308T. It has much better bass control vs. the 301.