Input needed on height of tv stand

We recently bought a Sony 50" Class Grand Wega SXRD TV and am going to do the HT/2 Channel setup and while I have seen some decent tv stands, the ones that I have seen have glass shelves on them, and am not to crazy about glass shelves holding all of the audio equipment , so I have decided to have a stand built.

We plan on doing two couches in the living room and the first couch will be roughly 7-9 feet from the tv , while the second one will be 10-12 feet away. Height of the tv is 33.13"

What would be a good height for the stand to be so that the people in the back couch have a good view , and the people in the front couch dont have to look up while watching t.v ?

We are thinking 36".

My stand is 20 inches high (Salamander Synergy) for a 50 inch Pioneer plasma, 33 inches high including the stand. I sit about nine feet away. Unfortunately, if you arrange your room like this it may block the view of anyone on the rear sofa, unless you put it on a platform.

The thing to avoid, I believe, is positioning the TV so that you have to look up at it. This will cause fatigue in pretty short order - literally a pain in the neck. Better to have the set on a stand positioned so that you look slightly down at it. Thirty six inches may be higher than you realize. I suppose I would pick the lowest stand such that someone in the back row can still see.

Good luck.

Bob R.
I have a 30" Salamander Synergy
50" Pioneer Elite as well
sit 8-10' from it with no neck strain

too many people mount them high on walls
no no
I too have my tv 30" high. (ground to the bottom of the screen).--So when my feet are up,they don't block the picture.--Now that is for my tv. My projector screen is larger and about 6" higher,and both seem about right to me. So size matters,here.
My father has a 60in on a Salemander rack and 30 inches sounds about how high his unit is, I enjoy watching at his house. I have a 30in HD unit and my screen starts at 38IN off floor but remember my unit is smaller so the screen doesnt go nearly as high...around 55in I would guess if you had 36 as you starting point your screen top will be nearly 5 ft high give or take, in short go with 30-32 tops.

When you post HT/2 channel do you mean stereo sound will be an important consideration? If so I urge you to keep the mass between your LR speakers low so you don't screw up imaging. Going from a 36 XBR on a wood box to a 40" flat panel LCD on an airy minimal glass and aluminum stand really improved the depth of soundstage of my system. It might be better to place your audio components in a separate rack.

Are you going to do stadium seating for the two couches? If so, I would make the stand height so that the second row's viewing is directly centered into the middle of the screen. This would make it so the first row's viewing angle would be slightly up.

I don't think that viewing angle affects picture brightness much with the SXRD technology. Viewing angle does have a bigger impact on picture brightness with certain display technologies.

For my 2CH/HT system, my 71" sits 27" off the ground. Main seating is 11ft away. Great viewing results with this configuration.
I have 60"SXRD and the stand is 25" off the floor. I would actually for 2-3" lower, but then my wife could not see the bottom of screen from the treadmill (over teh control panel) behind our seating area.