Input Impedance for Power Amp

Hi all, I don't quite understand the matching of pre-amp and power amp. Let say if my amp has an input impedance of 10k ohm, what kind of output impedance the pre amp should have. Should it be more than 10k ohm, or less? Can it be a lot less? What if my CD Player(with volume) has an output impedance of 10 Ohm, can I still run it directly to the amp? Thank you for your advice.
One could write a lot on this topic, but it sounds like you only need some basics here. A low output impedence (such as your 10 Ohms) driving a high input impedence (such as your 10 kOhms) is precisely what you want - infact a lower output impedence may give you better dynamics with that amp. Plug it in and listen. If you like the sound there is no reason to fret about impedences.
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