Input From PSB Owners

I realize that there are many speakers of different brands and higher prices but I have a specific question to those that have owned or had listening experiences with the PSB bookshelf speaker models.

I currently am using a pair of PSB Imagine B speakers. They are used with my NAD amp which is very compatible with PSB. The sound is very good but, after reading posts from other users, the older PSB models such as the Synchrony line has been out of production for quite a while but is praised by many as being superior.

Here's my question to other PSB users......Is the Synchrony 1B or 2B superior to the Imagine B?? Since the Synchrony line is only available in the used market, auditioning the speakers is not possible. Or, is the performance of the Imagines close to the Synchrony and is just not worth the extra effort.
Used for music only. Thanks for any opinions.

i use the synchrony 2b in my office and rate them just a notch above the also-good imagine--the synchrony have just a bit more oomph and a very smooth high end. not a massive difference, but definitely a speaker i'd recommend without reservation.