Inoperable "STOP" button Cal Audio CL-10?


Anyone have any insights into cause & cure for an inoperable "STOP" button on a this CD player? Unit seems to operate fine otherwise...Thanks!


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Is the faulty stop button on the remote, the cdp, or both?
If DIY fails, try contacting Approved Audio in Bantam, CT. They were a CAL repair center and have an extensive inventory of parts. Fixed my CL-10 just fine. Maybe a little slow but know CAL gear in and out.
A lot of buttons are a contact with a carbon spot on a curcuit board behind the physical button plastic. (Like in remote controls.) it probably comes apart and need to be cleaned inside IMO.
Otherwise a replacement button is in order.
@Timrhu: Just the player itself inoperable. Remote working fine.
@Swapwalker & all: Thanks. Anyone in the Midwest ie Chicago or Milwaukee that is good w Cal Audio?
@Elizabeth: Thank you!
If you decide to use Approved Audio in CT, I can supply a CL-10 for parts. I have a house just down the road from them.

Thanks Kr4...What finally killed your CL-10 that you did not repair it?