Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 w/PSU |VS| Lumin U1 Mini

OK so only interested in a direct comparison of these two products that are both at ~$2100.00 not other options etc. etc. etc.  Yes I know the Innuos has a CD drive but ignore for the purposes of this discussion.  I have read pretty much everything available so I'm looking for experience with one or hopefully both units.
- output flexibility
- Output resolution
- Sound differences
- App comparison
- Overall experience 
Downstream DACs Holo-May-KTE and the SW1X Dac-II-Balanced (will feed the May via USB and the SW1X by Spdif
Preamplifier is the Don Sachs custom

I ended up getting the Zen-Mini-Mk3 w/LPSU and love it.  Auditioned against the Zenith and liked the modular mini+lpsu better.
Plus, the new Sense 2.04 software is said to sound very good on the Mk3.  Don’t know how it compares to the Lumin however.
I can attest to the Innuos Sense 2.0.5 sounding very good, certainly better than roon (on my system).  Not full Tidal integration yet but works just fine for me and enough difference in sound that I have abandoned roon.  
I am exactly in the same decision making place.  I currently have a W4S modded Sonos Connect and am completely satisfied with the sound quality from Tidal.  But it doesnt do hires and when I stream from my CD and hires collection on a mac mini, it sounds poor in comparison.  I am looking to maintain the sound quality of my W4S modded Connect but also be able to do hires from my digitized audio collection.  It seems both the Lumin and Zen Mini can do both. Which has the better sound quality?  Also, I do digital volume control.  Can Tidal control either directly like it can teh SONOS?  Thanks in advance.
Full Tidal integration is not complete as yet on V2.0.5 of Innuos (IE: Tidal play lists shown in the same view concurrently with your ripped CD's.  I use Tidal exclusively on mine and like the interface quite a lot and of course it sounds much better than roon.  That being said, if Tidal native at present is important, I would go with Lumin. 
Thanks.  Also, for streaming hires  from a server/NAS, which sounds better, innuos or Lumin?