Innuos Zen Mini Mk II with an Ayre Codex

Is anyone successfully using an Innuos Zen Mini Mk II as a server into an Ayre Codex?
ayre codex will work with any of a number of dedicated streamers... need Toslink or USB in though... no coax RCA or BNC
Codex would not work in harmony with my Bryston bdp-pi via USB. Had to use toslink input.
 The Zen mini mk 2 only has USB out. I also assumed it would work when I bought a used Codex. But I am having problems. I thought I had found the solution when I reset the latency of the Innuos to normal instead of low, but still have USB communication loss before I can finish one movement of a classical work.I am now using a very basic USB cable in place of the Straight Wire USB-Link, and it has lasted 90'.
I stlll would like to hear from any users with actual experience.

suggest you call into ayre ask for their help

they are great people, always been very responsive and helpful to me when i have inquired or needed help on anything pertaining to their gear