Innuos update 1.4.8

Just saw this update this morning when I fired up everything. It's downloading now and taking a while. Can't find any info on what it does other then getting the system ready for the 2.0 .


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You can go to for info on what its supposed to do. For me it bricked by Zen when I did the requested reboot. Maybe today it will work better for you.
I updated my older Innuos Zen mini mk ii this afternoon. No drama this time.
The remote session with Innuos this morning did not solve my issue. It appears that the part of the upgrade disabling the IPv6 is causing some problems. I am awaiting instructions to return my Zen mk ii for repair.
Good news! The second remote session with M. Vittorino was successful. It took nearly 2 hours and a connection to a monitor and keyboard. In my case the problem was a library fault in the 1.4.6 update. It was very late in W. Europe when he finished, and I really appreciate the effort.