Innuos PULSE Mini?

any impressions on this unit?

appears to be a solid step into that streamer space above bluesound and the other popular entry level units



I own several streamers ( bluesound, ifi zen and the new Innuos Pulsemini) The innuos wins by a margin. It sounds so airy, detailed and great sense of ease to the music. The Sense app is top notch.

Thanks for the info @analoguefan 

I currently have an Ifi Zen Stream with a LPS and am considering the Pulsemini.

are you using the including power supply or did you get the Innuos supply?


@j_andrews for right now, I am using the regular power supply that came with the unit but, I am upgrading to a LPS pretty soon. I am just wondering if any LPS will make a noticeable improvement or just the Innuos LPS?



I spoke to the national sales person at Innuos last week and he said he thinks they are working on a specific power supply for the PulseMini that will look identical but he also said that it’s the exact same power supply offered for the Innuos Zen Mini .

that casework looks a little different.

I imagine a quality 12V/5A supply would only help but that the purpose built Innuos unit would be best


I think you can use the zen mini power supply as an upgrade. Any other word on where this might be available?