Innuos - New Re-Clocker

Heard Innuos was launching a Re-Clocker.  Anyone have details on the specs and performance?
Very interested in this topic.  I own the Zenith MK3 and love it.  I remember reading a sentence on a website a few months ago about a re-clocker but can't find it.
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An external re-clocker for $3150 plus the cost of two high quality USB must access the competition before you dump another $4200 for a USB performance upgrade.

Nevertheless, it’s an option to upgrade USB performance for their lower priced mid-fi streamers. Kudos to Innuos for staying innovative.....I do admire the company that offers the upgrade path for their existing customer base. 
Has anyone around here, that’s been waiting for months, received a server unit or any word from them? I’m not waiting, just interested if any of the member that ordered this past spring has had any movement at all. 
Jriggy, the older supply issues were with the Intel processor that became unobtanium due to Intel's production change.

We are getting units ordered approx 3-4 weeks from the date of order.

We have seen very few supply issues with them once the chip issue was cleared.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor Innuous dealers
Thanks Troy! Good to know.
 I had been waiting for one or two that were waiting since March to return to one of the other threads, so I assumed they were still waiting.