Innuos Digital Players - Innuos Zenith MK2 vs Zenith MK3 or ZEN MK3

Used Zenith MK2's and new ZEN MK3's are around the same price point. I am assuming that the Zenith models may be the sweet spot in the Innuos line. A new Zenith MK3 is above my price range but I do wonder how much of a sound quality improvement there is between the Zenith MK2 and Zenith MK3. Recently I got a Lampizator Amber 3 DAC with the newest USB interface which has built in superclocks. I was shopping used Lampizator's in the higher models when someone suggested that, with the ongoing technical upgrades the new Amber 3 may actually sound better than older higher end models. With that dynamic in mind, I wonder if the same could be true of the ZEN MK3 vs the Zenith MK2?
Hi Oglefront.  What is your final take on the question above as I’m in a similar situation.  I have a Zen Mk2 with an Atlantic TRP.  Fwiw, I was advised to go with the Zen Mk3, so there must be some real merit there.  What’s your recommendation regarding the Innuos?  Thanks.
Actually, I am just starting. I have been using Bryston's BDP-1 digital player for about eight years. It is good but cannot stream and I want to start streaming music via Tidal or Qobuz. Most people direct me toward Innuos or Lumin streamers. I have also been attracted to the Mojo Audio Deja Vu player/streamer. I have never heard or used any of the above. In most cases I like to buy used components and, as yet, have never been disappointed. The Bryston BDP-2 & BDP-3 models do stream so I could move up to one of these but I feel like trying something different.

Once I get some more insights from users familiar with streamers I will start searching for used player/streamers. I still have a Squeezbox Touch and Tidal does support the Touch so I will try the 30 day free trial by Tidal to see how I like it. Currently I use Google Play with Chrome Cast Audio to listen albums I might purchase. It is much better than the one minute samples on HD Tracks but the sound quality is not that great.

I'm not much help and would, of course, be interested in your discoveries and decision.
I have a Zenith 3 and love it.  Recently added the Phoenix Reclocker and cannot believe how good it sounds.  
I don't know how much better the Zenith 3 is than the 2, but I am a believer in buying the most recent version, even if it's a stretch to my budget.  Doesn't mean you should do the same.  Either way I think you'll love the Innuous products.  
I could just wait a while longer until  Zenith MK3's become more affordable on the used market. I never built up a large CD library and I already have a good CD player so I am beginning to wonder how much the Innuos CD feature increases the price of Innuos models as opposed Lumin and other brands without the CD feature. You, as well as many others, do recommend Innuos for sound quality. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My desire to try the higher sound quality streaming services got me going on music server/streamers but I now realize that I did a cart before the horse trick on myself. If I can successfully try Tidal through my old Squeezebox Touch and like streaming - then I can start looking for a high quality streamer. Thanks
Oglefront if your only interest is with streaming then look at Lumin or equivalent quality brand , if overall sound quality is a priority and as your budget allows you will have to upgrade your entire network , it will take a lot to maybe rival stored / ripped CDs .
Currently I am very satisfied and content with my Innous Zenith 3 along with a very recent addition of the Innuos Phoenix , I don’t have any desire right now to stream music so the Innuos is a great fit for me , sound quality of stored music on the Zenith 3 alone is fabulous,. 
I am now very satisfied with my system's sound quality, especially with the recent addition of Daedalus Audio Apollo 11 speakers and a Lampizator Amber 3 DAC with the most current PCM "engine 53" and the just introduced USB interface which will be used by all models of Lampizator DACs. It's a sonic upgrade and it has its own superclocks built in. It will also work with any OS without needed a firmware flash." Thus, at this point, I am more concerned that a new component will not detract from my current system's performance.

@oglefront I don't see any reference elsewhere to Lampizator changing their standard USB interface from an Amanero board to what sounds like a proprietary implementation. Can you provide a link or some more info?? I am looking into the Amber 3 and so this is important info - thanks!
The Lampizator website may not have been updated. It took me a while to find that their newest DACs were no longer 2R2 but, across all models, they started using "PCM engine 53", My Amber 3 had to go back to Poland for a repair so I asked that they install any upgrades while it was there. That is when I was told about the newer USB interface. When I replace an interconnect with a better one that is supposed to do all kinds of wonderful things, I am never sure if I hear much of a difference. I really heard a very positive difference in my Amber 3 when I got it back with the new USB interface. I suggest that you contact LampizatorNA for direct information. Also, be sure to discuss the exact types of digital inputs you want - some are standard and some will be optional for around $200 or so. Good Luck
nquery: Just contact LampizatorNA through their website. The USB information came from Lukas Fikas through Rob Reich at  LampizatorNA.
If you sent your last question by twitter - it did not show up on this discussion.
@oglefront not sure what you are referring to re. twitter. I am just posting on the forum directly.

Anways, I did indeed confirm with Lampi that they have recently updated the standard USB implementation from an off-the-shelf amanero 384 board to a proprietary in-house board, that they claim has improved sound quality and compatibility. I assume that they will provide their own firmware updates if/when necessary. Maybe this is part of the reason the Amber got a price bump on April 1.

Thanks for the heads up!
Sorry to keep derailing your thread but a quick fyi that Lampi NA had a new in box Amber 3 with the new USB implementation available ... so I decided to bite the bullet and grab it. Was never a huge fan of Amanero USB’s so this revision pushed me over the edge.

Back to the main topic of your thread .. if your main interest is streaming and you already have a great DAC I question the need for even something like a Lumin. It’s a lot of money for, DAC aside, what is basically a simple computer with a clean audio output.
 I am using Roon server on a Mac mini in my basement, which then streams over Ethernet to a simple but high quality Roon bridge/hqp endpoint connected to the DAC. Taking the DAC out of the Lumin equation, I doubt there is any audible difference in sound quality. Obviously not as plug and play mind you.
I also find it amazing that in their $4500 T2 streamer/DAC they hard wired a switching power supply. You have to move up their chain from that to get a linear power supply ... !@#

If you want local storage/playback of digital files then the Innuos certainly seems more appealing.
You are fortunate to have found an Amber 3 with the updates available in the US. Otherwise I think you would have had to wait a while. Also, as I understand it, Lampizator prices everything in Euros and converts to other currencies so the pricing can vary according to exchange rate. 

I am in the process of trying to connect my Squeezbox Touch to Tidal - so far without success - but it is supposed to work.