Innuos 2.4.5 Update LAN Port Not Working


Just updated my Innuos Zenith MK3 with the 2.4.5 and then 2.4.6 update and now my LAN port doesn't work (Zenith won't been seen on Network) and Streamer Port is the only way to now see my Zenith.

LAN port seems to no longer be functioning post update.

Anyone else having these issues?

I unplugged everything, rebooted my unit and still, no LAN port connectivity.

Hope this gets fixed ASAP.



@ja_kub_sz , FYI, I just checked and updated my Zenith MK3 and it it worked fine. Not sure if there were some recent updates that I missed but I was running 2.4.1 prior to updating to 2.4.6. It looked like the upgrade included an intermediary step to 2.4.5 before loading 2.4.6 but it all seemed to work ok as I am able to connect my client and stream from Tidal through my LAN port with no apparent issues.

So LAN port doesn't show my unit, but if I plug into the streamer port my unit shows up, which is the opposite of how it should go according to the quick start guide.

Weird, so can you use the unit by connecting through the streamer port? When you plug into the network port do you see activity lights?

If I plug into the streamer port I can see my unit on the network. The LAN port nothing shows up.

When I plug the my Zenith into a Ethernet switch the LAN post gives me a blinking green light, the streamer port again solid green light and my unit shows up on the network.

Looks like my LAN port went bad, but I can still use the unit via the streamer port.

Sounds right. I'll be interested to know how this is resolved. Please keep us posted.