Innertube Cone Tweak

I like the richness and warmth provided by using a partially
inflated bicycle innertube under components, but recognize it does not have the increased detail resolution cones can provide. Cones can make the sound leaner and brighter, so I have not used them.

Tonight I was experimenting, my CDP on innertube I also used
3 polycrystal cones so both tube and cones were supporting CDP at the same time. I now hear best of both tweaks, increased detail but richer warmer sound than cones alone.
Gear is in a target VR5 rack, wondering if other members have tried this combo?
I had tried a tube under my amp but it was really lame. Never tried it elsewhere as I use Black Diamond shelving on top of vibrapods, with the components on cones pointing toward the shelf. However there are cones made of different materials which do sound different / more mellow than brass cones, for example the Polycrystal. Black Diamond also has #3 & #4 cones available which exhibit still different (softer) characteristics. Also be aware that you can 'tune' simply by varying your cone spacings by 1" at a time; wider apart is brighter than closer together. Your test results above motivate me to continue experimenting, so thanks much for sharing Sam.
For amps I really like marbles set into grooves. The amp can move horizontally (very slightly) but has a postive coupling in the verticle direction. The result has been a much smoother sound, less noise, with no change or very slightly improved detail. Detail is perceived to be much higher due to less noise--but in fact I don't think the detail has really changed, just the lower noise floor.
Abstact, I am a big fan of Aurios MIB and RollerBlocks, how do you prevent your marble/bearing supported device from
rolling off the rack? Have you tried both steel bearings and glass marbles and what is the difference?
Sorry, I just saw inner tubes and it caught my eye.
Oh Jeez, it hurts to laugh this hard.
I used two plates of aluminum sandwiched together with grooves routed in them. I've only used glass marbles so far. I've been wanting to try carbon, but haven't been able to find any yet.