Anyone have any experience with InnerSound speakers?
I had the Eros in my system for a week along with innersoun electronics. I've owned Quads, Acoustats and Maggies. Currently my main system uses Dunlavy SCV. The Eros are superb speakers. If you like planars I would highly recommend them particularly for their price. Their their electronics which are OEMed by CODA also sounded good and are a great match. They also play LOUD (I stopped at 100db in a 6500 cubic foot somewhat live room). You can probably do better with matching other high end electronics but it might not be worth it.
Sandle4 would you mind emailing me so I can get some more info on your impressions of the Innersound Eros speakers. Thanks
I have returned to the Eros. Over the past year I have had.. Magnepan 3.6, Martin logan ReQuest, Dunlavy Aletha, Infinity Prelude MTS.... but the only speaker that makes the hair on your head stand up with realism and has outstanding base is the Eros.