Innersound Speaker Wire Interconnects?

Has anyone had a chance to try/use Innersounds new speaker
wire and/or interconnects? If so, what do you think?
I posted the same query below on the 16th :)) under the title "New Inner Sound Cables". Hope one of us gets an answer!
I've been using the speaker cables for about a month now. I have InnerSound Isis speakers biwired with InnerSound speaker cables from an ESL amp. The sound is very good. I was quite impressed with the soundstage, smoothness and detail you get out of these cables. I was using Hydra A1 cables, but I sold them and got the InnerSound ones. Especially in the biwire configuration they bring the ESL speakers to life. It sounds more tubey without the loss of the treble. Bass more tight, and for the money you can't find a better speaker cable for electrostats. I think the owners of Logans, Apogees, Sound Labs, etc should try these.
After talking with Roger about the balanced interconnects I decided to stick with my single ended wires. Need more info? Email me.