Innersound Isis

Your thoughts please on the Innersound Isis.
Can they play rock music?
Recently auditioned the Martin Logan Aeon and found them to have a glare of sorts.
I'm looking at the original Isis, not the latest version.
Thank You!
email member Angela100 & ask: she has the original model Isis
Also email member Iasi. He has them also and may be selling them.
hey...i have the original Isis...what do you want to know?...they play rock very well...actually, Pink Floyd never sounded better....and Vtvu is kidding...i'm not gonna sell my Isis...i haven't found a speaker in that range that can do everything as well as the Isis me if you want to talk more...
See Vtvu, I talked him out of it!!
Innersound I think, is better than M-L but did not have the dynamics for rock for me. At least in a bigger room.
I heard the Eros at the NYC show this past May (the Eros are the bigger brothers)......anyway....if the Iris is close to the Eros.....then they can play rock, classical, jazz......

The Eros was spactacular!! If I ever though of changing my speakers, which I am not, I would consider the Eros MKlll with a velodyne 18 sub. Ahhhh.....memories of the Servo Staic 1-A's!!!!
Thanks for your feedback!