Innersound ESLs Amplifier

Are the Innersound ESLs Amps the best choice for drive my Martin Logan Aerius i? In the paper it looks like a great choise ( Are there other ESL optimized amps? For U$ 2,999 what are my other options to drive the ML Aerius i?
I've been using the ESL amp with my Innersound Isis for almost 2 years sounds excellent and it drives the Isis with no effort...runs cool even in the most difficult passages...i'd say go for it!
The are excellent for electrostats as they are designed for those types of speakers. There is one on Audiogon for $2100 now.

It is clearly an excellent choice. It has a lot of "pop" exceeding many other amps in dynamic capability and its ability to throw a huge open soundstage. Plus it's rock stable, very quiet, and reliable.
Buy it.
Carver Silver 7-t or 9-t will be vary good too. Designed to handle very difficult load. Very tube like sound. Used to be my summer amp. Runs cool and very efficient.
I'm driving my Martin Logan CLS IIz's with two Innersound ESL Monoblocks. They are outstanding. Roger Sanders at Innersound in very helpful in setting up a great system.
You may also want to take a look at the Llano Design Trinity 200 amp. List price is $2,995. It's a pure Class A hybrid amp (tube voltage amplification with MOSFET current delivery) that delivers 200 watts in 8 ohms, 400 watts into 4 ohms, and 800 watts into 2 ohms. A very stable, musical amp that's excellent for hard-to-drive planar speakers. See
Listen to tubes if you have a chance. You should definitely try to audition some tube amps before you buy. I used a Hafler DH500 to power my requests and although I had power and bass control to spare when I put in the CJ premier 11a I got MUSIC!!! Loss of bass control, yes, less dynamic range, yes. Better Sound, Definitely YES. In my experience Logans sound best with tubes. Happy listening
Lets put it this way, just recently I sold my Krell amp that doubles its load down to 1 ohm for a whopping 1600 watts per channel. Upon installing the Innersound, cold dead out of the box it literally blew the Krell out of the water in every way. Musicality, bass, high frequency extension, transparency, effortlessness, soundstage you name it. I would never have believed it had I not heard it but it was there in spades. To take it a step further a friend was over who has Krell 650 MB's and he and I both thought the Innersound was more comparable to a 600 FPB or at least 350 MB's. This amp is a ridiculously good deal. To answer your question there are no other amps that I know of that are designed specifically to drive electrostatics like this.

Bottom line go for it. You have nothing to loose as he has a 30 trial offer and will pay for return shipping if you don't like it, if memory serves me correct.

I "second" the Llano Trinity 200.

I sold my Innersound ESL (which is a darn great amp) to buy a Trinity 400 for my Logan Oyssey's.

That should tell you something.

Good luck!
Thank you all.

I don't want to go with tubes or hibrid. I like to listen to music very loud and with deep bass (that's where my Velodyne helps the ML). Another thing, I'm in Brazil, so I'm unable to have tube service down here. I think SS is the way to go for me.

Maybe the Innersound really is my best choice.
Flavio, I just got the inneround electrostatic monos today and right out of the box they sounded excellent: fast, deep, deep bass, excellent soundstage, no grain. they are built like a tank, no humm at all, easy to handle, excellent literature and Roger Sanders is kind and very helpful. I bet, that you will get nothing better for the money and my Quads started to bloom. Get it, you cannot do bettter. They easily -stone cold and new - surpassed a pair of Gryphon monoblocs at $20.000 the pair.... and they don't get hot! Buy them, if you run stators. for that money, there is nothing better. Cheers,
how much do the monoblocs cost
Monoblocs suggested retail price: $2995
Are the monoblocks the same price as the stereo esl amp? How do the monoblocks differ from the stereo esl amp? I'm using a Odyssey Stratos amp and have been wondering how the extra power would benefit my system. My system is: Cary 303/100 cdp -> Coincident cst ic. -> Rogue 66 pre -> Coincident cst ic. -> Odyssey Stratos w/ cap upgrade -> AP Oval 9 biwired -> Magnepan 1.6 qr. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Bradz, inform yourself at
Thanks Detlof. So are the monoblocks 3k for a pair or for each one? The stereo esl amp is priced at $2995.
2995 each, but they are worth it!
We have a houseful of Roger's stuff....first rate gear and top notch service and support. We are loyal fans as well as customers.
Brad, you owe it to yourself to spend some time on his website and get informed. The best information and education that you will ever receive is the one that you go out and get for yourself. Depending on other's opinions to guide you can be dangerous.
I think that opinions can be a valuable part of a decision, but it should not be solely based upon that.
Good luck in your journey.
Interesting bio Angela100...I now live in Wilmington, N.C. and have been enjoying it for the past 6 years ever since I moved from Indianapolis, In. years ago. I too live near the ocean and love it! Enough of me already! How would more power benefit my system and would a upgrade elsewhere be more beneficial....(such as a rel sub with the maggies)? I'd consider the stereo version as it is more in my budget now.
Brad, Roger will most likely take it back in a trade in when you are ready to upgrade. He is a wonderful man and takes care of his customers.
Best of luck!
p.s. most of my relatives are in Wilmington :)
small world,eh? is a small world! Are any of your relatives here audiophiles? :) Thanks for your responses Angela100!
You're right, if you want HUGE bass as a priority with Rock music or the like, then, yes, get the Inner Sound. I used the Inner Sound with the Quad 989's for a review and, yes, the only qualities that I found commendable in the amp are the same ones that you want. Given that, you might also want to look into some other speakers that, er, amplify the qualities you seek. I've seen other people on this site recommend Cerwin Vegas speakers. Try those! Good luck!
Asa's post seems to me a case in point in how different our listening experience is percieved and described. I found the Inner Sound excellent with chamber music on the self same speaker as well as on the Quad 63. I also liked it with Jazz and yes, there it had excellent dynamics. I am not saying that Asa, whose theoretical excursions on how we percieve, I like and highly respect, is in any way wrong. I'm just saying, that in my room and my system, my perception of the performing of the amp's in question was totally different as to where Asa but his emphasis. Just goes to show how right Angela is: Trust your own ears!