Innersound ESL 300 Mark II.

Hello everyone.
What is the best preamp for my amp? Looking for something older with XLR IC, possible tube preamp with remote. Sound stage with depth behind speakers, it is what I'm looking for. Sound reproduction is very important to.
This amp is very picky, each time I change something in my system, I have extreme differences. Possible that there is more problems in my system.
I realized, that I need help from you guys :]
My system;
- Rega P3, SME ser.3 arm, Shure ME97HE/Pickering XSV 3000 cartage.
- Bellari 129 phono preamp.
- Sonic Frontiers SFCD1 CD player.
- Krell KRC-3 preamp.
- Innersound ESL 300 Mark II,or modified Radii Audio MMSKT88 mono blocks.
- Thiel CS 3.5 speakers.
- Transparent cables.

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Good Day. Greg.

An older ARC preamp? I had the Innersound amp, great, great amp.
I'm currently using a Marsh p2000t preamp in my system, and find that it provides a nice soundstage.

And I agree, the Innersound is a great amp.

I use an Aesthetix Janus to great effect with my ESL-300s. However, it has a phono stage which you don't need. Try the Aesthetix Calypso, same but just a line stage. There's a bunch of used ones on the 'gon. The remote has everything. The Innersound is a great amp and sounds even better after an hour or so. Be sure that it's nice and warmed up before picking too many nits. If you buy a used preamp (I did), also make sure it's broken in before judgement time kicks in. So much equipment winds up on offer here when the owner hasn't even given it a chance.
How bout a Innersound or Coda
I am presently auditioning the ARC LS17 and I really like what it did to my system, it opened up the music and brought clarity to my ML's using my Classe CA100 amp. I am seriously considering getting Sanders new amp to possibly go with the LS17 if i decide to keep. I see you all really like the Innersound amp, so it might be a good combo for you.
I previously had the Innersound preamp with the ESL-300 and found it transparent but lifeless. Changing the preamp changed things for the better.