Inner wax writings

I have often noticed "Masterdisk" imprint around dead wax...some impressions appear handwritten and some typographical. Any informed theory/knowledge/reference would be greatly appreciated.
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Marty, your reputation precedes you. Does dead wax scribbling tell you anything more about the pressing, the era, the LP...etc?
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Thanks for sharing...To follow up on the master/safety distinction: Japanese LPs seem to command some price premium over the years reflecting better quality. Would you say part of that quality is in their mastering process?

Certain Blue Note dates were never released domestically while Japan got the 1st pressing. Any comment about that?
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I have been thinking about getting some Mofi but am not sure if those have gone thru too much EQ…any comments on those copies? I’m particularly interested in getting some Supertramp (Crime/Quietest… what I refer to as the Supertramp trilogy). Any thoughts?
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The original US and UK "Close to the Edge" are both superior to the MOFI. Another kick a** version is the Japanese release ATLANTIC P10116A.

Regarding DSOTM, there are at least a half dozen pressings that blow away the MOFI. They include:
UK original
US original
HARVEST 8556731 The British Centenary Direct Metal Master
EMI EMLF97002 Japanese Pro Series
HARVEST 1C06205249Q German Quadraphonic
EMI EMS80324 Japanese release

The 30th Anniversary release is a joke.
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I remeber as kid reading all kinds of messages in the last groove. Turn me over, play me again, comes to mind. Some were more personal. I forgot about these little notes until now. You can bet I'm gonna check my records when I get home tonight.
>>all kinds of messages in the last groove<<

It's fun to look for this stuff. One of my favorites is on original pressings of Led Zeppelin III. In the deadwax of side 1 is "Do What Thou Wilt" and side 2 "So Mote Be It".

These are phrases from a work by Aleister Crowley who is greatly admired by Page; he has a huge collection of Crowley's manuscripts, artwork, and memorabilia.

At one time he owned one of Crowley's homes in Scotland.
Refer to Michael fremer's article on stereophile 8/06 article page34 about some info on inner wax writings mean. Happy listening
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