Inner sleeves versus none?

Hi. I recently bought about 70 albums from a personal collection. Interestingly, the guy used no inner sleeves - just had albums stuck inside the cover. I have been buying the nicer inner sleeves to replace the harsh paper ones in my own collection and was curious to see these records of his in pretty minty condition!! How can that be? Do you think he just used good equipment and that is the difference or is no inner sleeve a real option??? Please chime in before I invest more in inner sleeves. Oh - albums were from 1971 to mid 80s if that matters. Thanks!
Buy some sleeves! Maybe the guy didn't play them or played them just a couple of times each.
The reason for the inner sleeves is DUST. Another four letter word.
If s/he lived in a well cared for and cleaned space, sans kids and animals with fur, poodles allowed, had racks for the albums, and placed them with the open record end on the inside of the rack, so that you would see the title edge on the outside, it might work.
Sleeves are a safer and more sure way of avoiding DUST and other hazzards.
Those are my thoughts for what they are worth.
I'd say he lucked out. Don't take the chance. Spend $20 bucks and get some good inner sleeves.
probably just laziness mixed with careful handling. not recommended.
No, The thing is most likly he pulled them out much less than normal usage.I would say to use inner sleeves the rice paper ones or the ones to your liking are fine.
I have found that over time the cardboard from the jacket will get imbedded into the vinyl all though a good cleaning will get it out. Stick with the inner sleeves the rice ones.
Sleeves are not expensive and they provide an extra layer of protection from small particles and other grit. This is not a particularly insightful comment on my part but I don't what else to say. The sleeves serve a protective purpose.

I suspect his records are pristine because either he didn't play them much and/or he was very careful with them.
NO inner sleeve? uugh! I'd rather have paper over none at all.
Thanks! Buying inner sleeves right now! I appreciate the input and now believe he just didn't play them much.
Are you sure they are "minty" . On more than occasion I have bought records I couldn't see a single scratch scuff what have you on lt what so ever. I missed it some how. I am not blind, but the lighting etc. can fool you.
Yes of course get the best inner sleaves. The rice ones suggested already are superb, The MSFL are good but a little hard to use. any modern after market sleave is generally fine.
Even records that look mint may not play mint. Odds are high that there's stuff in those grooves too small to see, but quite large enough to hear.

So make sure you properly wet clean and vacuum before playing them, otherwise you risk grinding any microscopic grunge into the grooves forever.

And yes, buy some inner sleeves - and outer ones too if you're serious about maintaining your collection.
Agreed, get inner sleeves. I have also bought used minty looking vinyl, only to hear a cacophony of disharmonious screeches and wails! Or minty albums from the '60's, where the CERAMIC cartridges tracking at 5-10 grams stripped out all the "highs", leaving just an annoying hiss instead!

Don't forget that a a clean looking album can also sound like s**t due to a bad pressing. Or some poor sucker :-) used Rat Shack's SLICONE record cleaning spray...the vinyl looked shiny and clean, but actually was transformed into a 12" plastic dust magnet.

I think that care of handling ['60's & '70's] is the most important factor! How many friends do you know that used multiple record players[the drops are killers!], or grabbed an LP like a Frisbee, or left a stack of vinyl piled high for a few days after the party, before grabbing them from the middle, and shoving them back into the sleeves and jackets! Those of us who handled our old vinyl with care have been well rewarded.