Inner groove distortion as tonearm moves toward the center of record What is cause??

What exactly produces INNER GROVE distortion??  

Is it a  poorly aligned cartridge, or a  mismatch between the cartridge and tonearm combo???  

Is this distortion more evident on budget tables, and/or tables under  $500??

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It's one of the reasons I now love digital music.
That, and the fact that I don't have to change the record every 30 or so minutes.
Sorry to intrude, but I just had to say it.
I would start by realigning your cartridge. Make it as perfect as you can with the tools you have. If that doesn't work, buy better alignment tools. 

Thanks to all who have responded so far. I appreciate your time

Special thanks to "mikelavigne" for a thorough explanation of the issues I posted. It was not overly technical, and very helpful in understanding the problems encountered  with vinyl playback and turntables. 

Can't put it any better than Mike L. A tangential tracker does make a significant improvement but there is still the slow speed which limits high frequency performance. This is where 45 RPM records shine.