Inner connects for cary cd 303T SACD player

I am looking for a power cord and inner connects for my new cary cd player. my amp is a cary sli-80 tub amp. Used kimber 12tc to hook up my speakers to my amp. Planing to try kimber hero or silver streak cables any other suggestions on cables and power cord?
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I had the non-tube version, was using Nordost Heimdall RCAs and an old PS Audio Mini Lab cable. This sounded pretty good to me. I later upgraded to the Frey (but had a difference source component), which was a major step up from the Heimdalls. What kinda "muted" the sound was a really heavy PS Audio Statement power cable (not SC version). This killed the mids and highs. A few folks have told me to avoid these kinda AC cables on my front end (ie, ferrite in the jacket).

All in, I really liked this set up. BTW, I'd also tried Cardas Quadlink (not bad, mids were really cool), and DH Labs (couldn't stand 'em, sounded really compressed).
Darwin Silver or Ascension ICs.