Inherited my dad's stereo - need to sell some of it

I inherited my dad's stereo when he passed last year, and I have a few components that I cannot use.  I know he bought and sold quite a bit of equipment on Audiogon a few years back, and I'm hoping that I can find some people who are interested in what I have.  I don't even know if there's a market for this older equipment anymore.

Here's what I have:
  • Magnepan MG 3.5Rs - I love these, and I've got them set up in my living room, but my wife is not happy with the size. They have a set of rigid stands, but they're a bit worn - some of the screws are stripped, and the sleeves have some snags from cats.  They sound great though, and the ribbon tweeters are in great shape.
  • Balanced Audio Technology VK-D5 CD Player - I'm using a Cambridge Audio azur 851C, which is a better fit for my (mostly digital) music collection.  I BELIEVE he had it upgraded a few years back.  I think that means it's an SE, but I don't know how to verify.
  • SimAudio Celeste W3 - I have a Bryston 3B SST that I'm happy with and using on my stereo now - Hoping to find a home that will appreciate the W3.

I have no idea if anyone wants these anymore - I know the younger generation seems to be happy with MP3s.  I'm hoping theres someone on here who might be interested in these older components to set up a nice, if not cutting edge, stereo.

Is there anyone in the Washington DC area that might be interested in some of this, or at least give me some advice?


You can check prices using Ebay, or better yet Hifi Shark 'sold' listings. 
You could also email Balanced Tech for more info on your CD player to determine its' status.
Though, I hate to say, cat scratches and stripped screws will lower your asking price significantly.
I wish I had more room. I would certainly be interested in the Maggie's.
Sorry to hear about your Dad. You can  Contact, attention: Tammy, and we can help you list these items and more. 
Hi Dave, I'm local to you, in the DC area, and can try to help with advice at least. There's a guy in Falls Church who repairs, buys and sells vintage hifi but your stuff may not be old enough for him! Contact Brett at HiFi Heaven. Downstairs in the same small office building is Command Performance AV, owned by Jeff Fox, who sells all sorts of new gear and some used gear that he has taken in trade ins. He has a new expanded Head-Fi section as well. Interesting place to visit and Jeff is happy to talk about stereo, old and new.
Dave, very sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. You should let Tammy from Audiogon help you as you will be able to get the most money for what the items are worth by selling them here. I would not take anything to a stereo store and try to sell stuff to them as they would not give what your items are worth because they would need to make their own profit understandably. Sell the stuff on Audiogon as I feel it's your best bet. It's what I would do.  Good Luck.