inherited Barzilay teak cabinet

Inherited a mint Barzilay teak credenza with reel to reel and speakers. Don't know what it's worth but know it definately doesn't fit with my decor. Has original sales brochure as well. Burma Teak with wicker fronts. Saw on on ebay but am clueless about the value or desirability
Barzilay is good stuff, I have one. They were expensive 20 years ago, no idea current value since probably way too heavy to ship.
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There is value in the cabinet regardless of the audio components. Mid Century Modern furniture is quite popular. Check with a local furniture resale shop that handles better quality goods.
Here in the Twin Cities you could easily get 2k for a Barzilay mid-century teak, more at auction.
Thanks I know it has a Sony tc-355 reel to reel with two sony f-96 microphones and I found the pioneer brochure
12" woofer 5" cone type squawker and rectangular bell horn type tweeter. Amp has been replaced with non tube newer model
Can you post pictures on this site?
I put it on Ebay today so I'll see what happens, thanks for the help
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