Inherited a Linn-How can I tell what I've got?????

Just inherited a Linn LP12 from early to late 80's with what i believe is a 707 Grace Arm and grado gold cart.If I decide to sell it how do I know what I have?My guess is it would have been left stock as far a bearing etc goes.Trying to guess it's re-sale worth.I was told by one Linn'y that if it was siezed maybe $300 but since it spins and plays up to $500.The serial BTW is 033359.Have no idea of how i could shipp this to somebody.Just remove platter tape everything that can be taped and put into deep box with "This end Up".Would keep it but I have two tabels right now.
1st, write or call Linn, with the serial # they can tell you what production run it is. I also have a friend in Memphis that has been trained at the factory and does setups for Linn, let me know iand I will ask him to help you. For shipping contact LInn as well, buy the box and packing from them, I am sure they will include instructions for packing. Probably the best money you will spend for you and the buyer down the line. Usually I think I can pack anything well, but I think Linns are relatively delicate, and I know I would much prefer to have Linns packing in this case. I hate seeing a good piece of equipment, no matter what it is, get damaged for no good reason.
As far as value goes, it could easily be worth in excess of $500 with that setup, depending on physical condition of course.
S/N above 31,826 1981 February.

Up to following mechanical:

Nirvana mechanical components. This consisted of
1 new spring kit (3 springs & 6 grommets),
3 large locknuts, 6 small locknuts,
5 black chassis bolts,
2 motor mounting screws, domes, & nuts
allowing it to be positioned with better accuracy.
1 motor thrust bearing kit (endcap, spring, ball bearing).
1 new drive belt.
The springs changed from zinc coloured to black.

The Vahalla was introduced slightly later, only after [38794], but that does not exclude a possiblity that the owner upgraded. Look below, if there is not complicated circuit board, you have the Basik motor (or a square big on/off button; Vahalla has a touch-on/off black button with a small LED).

Always can post Linn issues if not already cover in my site.
If shipping make sure you use the cap on the shaft or all the oil will pour out all over the unit . The caps are available from linn in FL or most local Linn dealers.
Go to Home Depot or any hardware store. Buy a 5/8" cap used for covering chair feet. 4/$0.99.