Inheritance ($100K) with a caveat

So you inherit $100k but with the caveat all the monies be put into a two channel stereo system.
And can never sell.
What to do?
Analog? Digital? Both? Tube? Solid State? Cables? Room treatments? Build a stereo room?…

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Only 100,000 forget it,that would of been enough 10 years ago .COME ON MAN....
If I inherited $100K and have to spend it on a 2-Channel Audio System, then I would get the following:

. Focal No3 Kanta — $14K
. Bryston 3B Cubed — $6K
. Bryston BP-26R/MPS-2/DAC/BP-2 MM/MC — $7.8K
. Marantz SA-10 — $7K

Turntable — Technics SL-1200 GAE — $4K, VPI Prime Signature — $6.3K, or HW-40 — $15K (which one should I pick)

Phono Cartridge — Audio Technica AT-ART9X ($1,290.00), Ortofon Cadenza Blue ($1,889.00) (Let’s flip a coin).

And what’s leftover after that? Spend that on vinyl and accessories, fine tune the room, or get a Mercedes Benz C-Class (and that has a nice system in it as well, in fact, I might just load up the options and just get that instead…. that’s going to cost about $50K to $65K all by itself).