Infra-Red Sensors for Installations?

ANyone know anything about infrared sensors used in home installations. You know, the type that fits ina standard electrical box and you put in a wall in another room which will accept your remote's signal and pass it along to the stereo in another room??

if so, i was told that there is a generic sensro which accepts all signals and simply passes it along. Does anyone have any info on this? I ask since adcom wants $100.00 for theirs! The adcom equipment I hope to use it with is only double that used! And I can't believe that adcom (or anyone else) developed their own proprietary external infrared sensors.

so, please anyone with a generic or even a cheap other manufacturer's remote sensor chime in!

Try this website:
I'm sure they have it. I've seen it one of their catalogs before. I'm sure it's cheaper than Adcoms. Radioshack also sells repeaters, but I don't know if they have the type you are looking for--but they are very inexpensive.
The RS ones retail for approx. $70 and sometimes go on sale. The RS one is also available under another label (they just put the "RS" name on it) for less money, though the name escapes me right now. If you do a "key word" search on Ebay you may come up with one. I forgot to bid on one once and recall that either Albert Porter or RedKiwi won the auction (can't remember which), so one of them will know the off brand name. I think that they go for under $40 usually. I need one as well, but am going to wait on it, so will not be bidding against you if you find one on Ebay.