Information sought: GRANT 60GS integrated tube amp


A piece of equipment has come to me.
I'm pretty sure I will not be keeping it (too much equipment already!).
But whether I keep it or sell it, I'm trying to learn more about it.

These are the few facts I know about it for sure.
It says on the front panel "Grant 60GS".
It is an integrated tube amp.
Has front panel biasing via leds.
Made by "Grant Amplifiers Ltd. Hampshire, United Kingdom".
It has all new tubes.
It is in excellent condition.
It is built like a tank!

ANY information anybody could tell me about it, including value, I would be much obliged.


P.S. I have decent photos of it (outside and guts) which I could eMail anybody if that would help in identification, evaluation, etc.
A quick search revealed that this amp was made by Grant of the Grant Lumley amplifiers.