Information regarding Audible Illusions 3A

I have recently purchased a used 3A. It was manufactured in 2003 and retubed in Aug 2011. I know this pre is hard on tubes. I am looking for opinions on tube life and what tubes to use with this pre. Thanks in advance.
I have the new 3B and love it. For new tubes go to the Audible Illusions web site. I have found the tubes they recommend will last for 2 years or longer.

They also offer an upgrade program and will rebuild your preamp from scratch into the 3B for about 50% of the cost.

All the best!
The 3A is not hard on tubes.... Do a search and you will find that the Russian 6H23-EB is a great tube and currently supplied from Art.

FWIW, I've owned the Mod3, 3A, and 3B... and in over 15 years I've never had a tube issue.

Congrats on getting a great preamp.
Thanks to all. I do love this preamp. Found that it prefers shorter ICs due to high output impedance. I am driving a BEL 1001 MKV with it. Have ordered a new set of tubes from Art. Have no problems with my current set but want backups. On to the music.
I have many friends found Reflektor 6H23N-EB/6922 worked well in AI and you can get them from PCX
Congrats on your purchase. I regret selling my Audible Illusions 3A here on the Audiogon. I truly miss it. Wonderful preamp.