information on the X-series Mcintosh Mx-110 tuner

I’m writing on this topic hoping to get a little input on the McIntosh MX-110 X-series what seems to be the MX-110’s unwanted child. Most every forum I have read on the famous tuner/ preamp states that the Z-series is the way to go and every ebay and Audiogon auction states the same. I purchased my first Z-series tuner many years ago and loved it. I wanted to get a back up for my tuner because that the way I roll. I have been on a rampage placing bids and offers on both ebay and Audiogon I made the mistake of placing a winning bid on an X-series and got stuck buying it. The tuner was such a jewel and displayable I hooked it up. At first the connections were different and I had no users manual but I contacted McIntosh and was assisted by their technical staff (great crew). I discovered this unit has two main outputs the previous owner didn’t even know that. I hooked up mc MC275 to one output and my Luxman M120a II to the other, works out great if you have two pairs of matching K-horns. Maybe my X-series is different that it has two main outs and maybe the M-series does the same: anybody? Right now I looking for a users guide/ manual but mostly input. My input on this is the sound is every bit as good as the Z series and with two main outputs I think I might be looking for another X series.

Oops I almost forgot the side trim pieces come off revealing phone and aux gain for the preamp.
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Hi.  I have 2 mx110z series and one mx110x series I just picked up.  I am running two allen model 75 monoblocks into BG Radia 520 speakers with the first pair of main outs and a Kinergetics subwoofer amp with M&k goliath II subwoofer using the other main outs.  I love this preamp.  It is also rare and very valuable.