Information on N.E.W. A20.1Power Amp

Can you tell me somthing about this company and their product? Or, diect me to reviews/specificationS
company went out of business.....but still is serviced by cary audio.....all designs were made by nelson pass....and cary was building the products...for the company.......i believe there were reviews on it in stereophile and the archives......great products by the way...i still own a dc-33 amp...and its battery power supply...ausome sound. i hope this helps.
The A20 is a great sounding little SS amp. It's 20 watts/ch I believe. If you don't have power hungry speakers, it should be just fine.

The DC-33 was the battery powered version of the A-20. It spec'ed out higher with the instant current from the batteries and was smoother, because there was no AC noise.