Information on IC´s and speaker cables needed.

Hello high-end enthusiasts out there. I´d like to reconfigurate my systems cabeling and need some honest & quick help.

My system consists of:

Jeff Rowland Concentra II (modified) with Electraglide Mini Khan Plus. Kenwood L0 1T with Tara Labs Air 1 (all new, stays in my system).

Speakers: Ayon Audio Seagull Ceramique (need advice on cables). Internal wiring is per factory from Shunyata. Ayre D1x & Wadia 861b (DVD/CD) - (need advice on cables - do not know which one to keep).

The cables should be lightning quick, holographic,provide a huge and wide soundstage, lots of detail, dark, dark backgrounds and sould sound musical (not to warm but not to bright either.

I can´t make up my decision as the cable situation in my town is quite poor. Has any one of you got experience with either speaker cables or IC´s from the following manufacturers:

Tara Labs ISM Onboard The 1 / RSC Air 1
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II / Satori Shotgun / Absolute
Cardas Golden Reference
Jena Labs Symphony Ultra RCA
Nordost SPM / Valkirja
Audioquest Cheetah 36v DBS / Sky 72v DBS
Shunyata Aries / Lyra / Phoenix / Andromeda
MIT Shotgun S 1 / Magnum M2 / M1
Electraglide (any news on IC´s or speaker cables?)

Any hints on their sonic signature as well as system matching is highly appreciated.

Best regards, Frank
The best solution is always to try as many different things cables as you can. A good way to do that is to browse through the listings here on AudiogoN, find some things that are interesting, buy them, if you like them, keep them; if not, list them for sale. You can usually recoup your money that way. I don't know of a better way to try out different cables, and have broken in cables to try rather than new ones that need considerable break in. Some of the models that you list are available most of the time, and over a period of time you should be able to get your hands on most of them.

And now some advice from an old fart who's been at this for about thirty-five years. Most of the cables that you list are ultra high end. You'll find that you reach a point of diminishing return with cables, with a very few exceptions. I have nice equipment and couldn't tell the difference in sound with it between Cardas Neutral Reference and Cardas Golden Reference Interconnects. The primary difference was in the price. I sold the Golden Reference and kept the Neutral Reference. I think that something to also keep in mind is that some equipment sounds better with silver wire and some sounds better with copper wire. Sometimes this difference is much more audible than the difference between $200.00 interconnects and $1000.00 interconnects of the same type.

Unless you intend to take out a home equity loan, I would start trying what is available used on AudiogoN and let my ear be my guide. Also, please enjoy your hobby and don't get twisted up about wire.
If you need to order un-demo'd cables,make sure the Manufacturer will except a full refund.I went to Ridge Street Audio just for that reason. Theres no way you can hear them all.So try a Manufacturer that has a 30 day or 60 day trial period.If you take a shot in the dark and buy used and don't like them you will be selling them at a loss 2 weeks later....Just my 2 cents worth
Try the Empress cables. For the money they are close to cables you'd pay a thousand or more for but about a third the cost.
Thanks for your comments. I bought Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II and as speaker cable Shunyata Phoenix. They still burn in but already better my previous Tara Labs Air 3 cables.