Information on Emotiva

I looking for feedback on Emotiva equipment.

I am need a new setup for home theater and music. I stumbled across Emotiva and found the specs and pricing to be great.

I have Revel M22 bookshelf speakers and their matching center channel.

Comments are welcome. My budget is around $1,500 for a new receiver but this appears to be great way to go.

I was waiting for their UMC-1 to arrive, but it doesn't seem like it ever made it to market (bizar), did it?
Does anyone know if they even have the upgraded model available yet? I stopped calling months ago.
I agree, the prices look attractive otherwise.
I received an e-mail yesterday that the UMC-1 is available. I put my e-mail address in about a year ago for the UMC-1, and subsequently forgot about it until the e-mail yesterday. So they might be starting to fulfill the pre-orders now.

Does this mean that you guys recommend the products?

i can only opine as to, and heartily endorse, their power amps, but emotiva registers as a really solid company with vg customer service. i really like their business model--make it in china, sell it direct w/o the inflated middleman, and build a buzz by cultivating an active customer base. on the evidence of their amps, it appears that they're able to sell product at a significant discount to their competitors--their $260 2 channel amp is certainly on a par with the twice-the-price NAD and Rotel. ergo, i'd rationally expect their umc-1 to be comparable in quality to much pricier gear. for what it's worth, emotiva is all the rage on audioholics and other HT-oriented ilk; you might browse there for more input.
I live in Nashville and am going to pick one of these up when they come out. They are based out of Franklin,TN, and have a showroom there. I will go to their showroom next week and report back on the new UMC.
I have heard a lot stronger buzz about their amps than their Pre's and CDP's. Here is a suggestion:

Outlaw Audio Model 990 - $699 (a proven performer)
Emotiva XPA-3 - $599 or XPA-5 - $799, depending on how many channels you need to drive. All that power should be a good combination with the Revels.
The 990 is a good pre but it's seriously outdated compared to the UMC-1. That's why it's $700 and not $1200 like it was originally priced. I'm waiting for the UMC-1 to put in my preamp's HT bypass.
If you need the latest video and audio processing in your pre, then the UMC-1 is probably necessary and an economical choice. If you just want to preamplify multi-channel analog sound from your player, the older Outlaw would be a safer bet. Outlaws new 997 processor will cost double the current 990 and listed UMC-1 price of $699. But who knows, the UMC-1 may sound as good as or better than other processors costing double and more - just have to wait and see...
Well, i live in Nashville, TN which is where Emotiva is based. I took a drive to their corporate offices to see the new processor.
They have a new state of the art facility with a Theater and 2 ch demo room. I was VERY impressed with the sound and video quality of their new umc-1.
They were playing thru their top of the line speakers and amps with 2 prototype 12" subs. The whole setup costs way under 5 grand and is pretty incredible for what you get. I met the owner who was a nice fellow who showed me all the bells and whistles.
I tried to get one but sadly i have to get on the wait list which will shipp out the first of the year. Also i have to pay sales tax since i live local! Crap!
It has the same amps as the multichannel HT amps do only turned horizontally and with slightly larger transformers.
so any news on the release of the umc-1? anyone get one yet?