Information on Edgarhorn System 100

I recently acquired an Edgarhorn System 100 that was originally purchased in 2000. I am not the original owner and have very little information about the system and have no real idea about the value. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Each side of the system consists of three separate speakers. The tweeter and mid cabinets are MDF covered in plastic laminate, and the woofer cabinet is paint grade MDF. The tweeter cabinet appears to be signed by Dr. Edgar and sports Fane tweeters with a 1999 manufacture date. I don't recall the manufacturer or size of the mid, but the bass cabinets sport JBL 130A's. They have a fairly large footprint, are very heavy, and are much more speaker than I can justify in my small listening area. I suspect that paired with a good subwoofer, they sound great. Unfortunately, I have not done that pairing. Anyone have more knowledge of these speakers?
I have a pair as my main speakers. They have been upgraded with Fostex T500AMK2 tweeters. My bass module is an Electro Voice ev15L the mids are Dynaudio D54's. They are run with Bruce's Seseimic sub Jr. Lots of posts about them at AA. I went to RMAF again this year to see about upgrading my speakers. I head nothing I liked better. I would suggest you upgrade your tweeter and you most likely will need to atteunate (sp) -1 to -3 db your bass modules depending on your room. I run mine with an Art Audio Diavolo.

Good Luck and Enjoy