Information on Car Audio

Hey y'all,

Where is the best place to go for information on Car Audio? It doesn't seem to be here.

I'm looking into buying a new car. I don't if it's worth going with their factory upgrade or if I'm going to need to go somewhere else to start over (in which case buying the more expensive initial audio seems like a waste.) Also, most of the premium systems seem to be BOSE, a brand I avoid like the plague. Though some seem to be JBL, which didn't seem too bad for car audio. What brands are decent in car audio?

For a reference point, at home I have Von Schweikert VR2s with the Outlaw Audio monoblocks and the Bel Canto Dac2, so I am used to good sound at "reasonable" prices. AND NO, I DO NOT EXPECT MY CAR TO SOUND LIKE MY HOME.

BTW, I will not be willing to rip up all the nice new interior to improve the sound. And I'm looking at the Volvo V70 wagon. This will be a family car. I just want to make the best sound choices I can.


Joy Elyse
OEM car stereos have come a long way, but the premium prices of those I remember to be umm, interesting. Not to worry, though, a good specialty store can improve the car's system while maintaining stock look. That's what I have done with my cars. From what I remember of the rental Volvo I cruised around in, the control center doesn't really lend itself to an aftermarket replacement. But that's okay, I'm sure an amp under a seat and drivers placed in stock locations would work quite well. You may want to check in to the compatibility of the particular OEM headunit and aftermarket amps, though. And you may want to consider coincident instead of separate drivers because the placement of the separate tweeters in OEM stereos is typically poor - just something to consider.

Sound Domain has an okay forum, but I would just go to a car audio specialty store (Not Car Toys! :) The good stores make purchasing very straight forward and what you want seems pretty simple.

The best speakers I have heard are Dynaudio. Less expensive, but good are MB Quart and Boston Acoustics. There are a lot of decent amps, you can't go wrong with any of the reputable brands. Maybe a McIntosh amp will make you feel more at home.

Another issue I think you may want to be aware of is the Nazi-brightness of many car audio tweeters. Not a lot of soft domes running around (I can only think of Rainbow and Dynaudio). Anyways, the main point is that what you want is very do-able, and a good store will take you there easily. Good luck
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I think the Volvo has the Dynaudio/Alpine premium package. Atleast, it did for the C70. If this is offered in the V70, it seems like the way to go.