information/feedback on dali speakers

haven't had a chance to hear them yet, but my dealer loves them! i'm particularly interested in the hellicon 800, hellicon c200, and hellicon m200 (can you tell this is for a 7.1 home theater?).

thanks for your thoughts!
great brand but brighter than most
The Helicon is a fabulous speaker. I replaced a pair of Revel F30's and couldn't be happier. Soundstage reproduction is particularly good with wonderful detail and layering. I have found myself changing electronics to get more out of the system. I moved up to some Sim Audio gear on my dealers recommendation and the pairing is as perfect as I have ever heard.

Current System:
Helicon 800, 200 Center, 600 Sub, 2 pairs of Suite 0.8 Surrounds, Sim Audio Aurora, Sim Audio Stargate, Denon 2900 DVD, Nova Player, PS Audio P500, JPS Labs Cables here and there along with some PSC Audio cables I purchased in Australia.

I'm happy as a clam...for now!
I'm also considering Dali spks. I heard the Euphonia MS4s briefly and they were fabulous even driven by simple electronics - Pucini CDP and integrated amp.

My only concern is that with all this high resolution/detail, would you get easily fatigue after say 30 mins of listening. This can happen especially for hi-res systems with a touch too much treble. But if balanced with musical mids/bass, then this becomes less of a problem.

Any inputs those of you who are current users?
I match my Euphonia MS4s with a SS amp (Sim Titan) and a tube pre (VAC)/dac (Audio Note). Fatigue is not an issue for me. The only form of fatigue I get is walking up 10 feet to the transport and changing the CDs ;-) OK, I admit it, I'm a lazy spoiled bast***d!!!!

My aunt has the Helicons paired with a Musical Fidelity pre & amp and a Rega Jupiter CD player. The finish is to drool for. Performance is about 80% of the MS4 and it's less than half the price.
If anything, the Helicons are a teeny bit on the trebly side.

Let us lay to rest that Dali MS4's are bright.
First they must be broken in for a week or two, and that means driving them hard. (Huge difference in sound once broken in.)( Think two weeks.)
Second they prefer to my ears to be widely spaced and pointed straight forward as stated by Dali.
Third they sound best to me sitting farther from them then other speakers that I have heard. (Think two or three extra feet.) Also try tilting they back a bit for best integration as suggest by a reviewer I believe from TAS.
Bright!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!! I can't stand bright or hard speakers. These are very liquid on top.
They are clean and clear and have all the bottom end that I need. They have great resolution, and I have not experienced any fatigue on good recordings. (Junk recordings sound like junk.)
If you hear bright you have a source problem.
Thanks for the responses Jose and Zilla

One other thing, can the MS4 play rock? Also can it handle dynamic peaks of orchestral music?
And is the MS5 worthy the additional stretch?
Cink and CMK

I failed being able to tell if the MS4 or MS5 was playing in a brief blind test. They are VERY close. That said the MS5's are a "bit" warmer and slightly fuller. We are talking less then 3% difference. The 5's would be needed only if you had a very large room. Unless they are side by side you would not know the difference in sound imo. Even then they are close. PS (Hearing wise I do have perfect pitch.)Yes they do rock and orchestra.
Other speakers in the running before I purchased the Dali's were Maggie 3.6's and Sonus Faber Cremona's. No contest to my ears the MS4's are a cleaner, clearer sound.
Stereophile gave the 5's an A ranking, the same applies to the 4's imo.
They're coming today! They're coming today!!
Will be driven by an Aragon 5 channel amplifier with two Outlaw Audio monoblock amps for the rears. All connected to an Integra 9.1 receiver which will act as pre/pro.

And I will drive them hard for the next two weeks to break them in. Will report back then with my listening impressions on both music (stereo and multichannel) and video (we're already fighting about which movie gets cued up first!).
By the way, I will be using a new Velodyne DD-12 sub with the Helicons.
I have recently purchased a pair of Helicon 800. I drive them with Sim Audio P3/W3 combo. Yes they did sound a bit bright in the beginning but that is all gone now after I have listened to them for more than 150hours or so. Also, it was never a problem with Analog front end but only while listening to some CD's, mostly of the pop genre. I've replaced a pair of Dynaudio 1.3SE plus REL subwoofer with the Dali's and must admit that they are a big step ahead especially if it comes to Sound Stage. The Dyn's were almost to much with their imaging qualities, the Dali's are more like a live event. I would recommend them highly.
Do you Guys have any suggestion as what amplification to use, I want solid state monoblocks? Any suggestion to run the MS5? I have another thread, you can post overthere if you like. Thanks
I helped to set up a system using the MS5. The amp was a Mac 352, the pre a C2200. The resulting sound was impressive.