InFocus in 82 vs Sony Vpl VW60


I am looking to go the projector route in my HT setup from a plasma. My screen size is 100". The 2 projectors that I have narrowed down to are the Infocus In82 and the Sony Vpl VW60.

Would appreciate your recommendation please.

The answer is: it depends.

The Infocus is brighter than the Sony. If you're putting the projector into a room with ambient light and/or light-colored walls and ceiling, the Infocus will do a better job.

The Infocus is a single-chip DLP, the Sony is a 3-chip SRXD (LCoS). If you're sensitive to the DLP "rainbow" effect, get the Sony. Note that the current-generation 1-chip DLPs have minimized the rainbow effect to the point where only a few hyper-sensitive people (such as me!) see them anymore.

If you're planning on ceiling-mounting the projector, the Sony has vertical lens shift, the Infocus does not. Vertical lens shift allows you to tuck the projector closer to a tall ceiling.

If you're planning on shelf-mounting, the Infocus is smaller, lighter, and has a longer throw distance.

The Sony is quieter than the Infocus. If you're mounting the projector directly over your head, this will be important.

DLP produces a very "sharp" picture, with well-defined edges and lots of apparent resolution. SRXD's picture is a bit softer, more "film-like." If you are planning on mostly movies, the Sony may be a better choice. If you watch a lot of sports and regular TV shows, the DLP may be a better choice.
Thanks Rex

I do have a slight preference towards the Infocus as the room is with ambient light. In the end both are very good projectors for the money and I would have been happy with either

I have sensitive eyes to rainbow and currently using Infocuse 7210. I believe that they are manufacturing good quality products so far. As for the Sony, check out the green color. It's a bit to unnatural.