Info wanted on Krell KMA 400's

My friend and I just got a pair of Krell KMA 400's. We haven't been able to find virtually any info on these amps--nothing on Krell's site, nothing listed here. Can anyone enlighten us at all on these amps? Thanks!
Assuming they've got BIG heatsinks on the sides, they are the monobloc versions of the old KSA 200 amplifier, which Krell came out with between their KMA 100/200 fan-cooled amps and the MDA 300/500 and KSA 150/250 amps. First came out with that generation in 1989 or so, I think (I bought one of the first KSA 80s to drive my Duntechs, and I think I got those speakers near the end of 1987). If they don't have balanced inputs, it's probably an early version of the amps, as Krell started adding the balanced inputs later in the series (at least with the stereo amps). These amps are powerhouses, and can drive almost anything out there. My recollection was that I liked the MDA 300s a little better as being sweeter in the highs, but that the KSA 80 was still a pretty good amp, particularly after you left it on for a while. Great space heaters too, as I recall the amps run Class A up to their full power output, unlike later Krells.
It sounds like these are the ones you are talking about. The fins are HUGE and they are Class A all the way up according to the manual. They were made in 1989 but they do have the balanced inputs.

We are probably going to put these up for sale and want to learn as much as we can about them and get a sense of what they are reasonably worth. Any ideas on that? It would be ehlpful if anyone knew of any reviews of these amps that we could get a hold of--searching the web has not turned up anything.
I wouldn't know their worth (may have seen a pair of KMA 160s a while back for about $3800?), but I'll check my old S-philes for any reviews. I don't ever recall seeing a formal review of this generation of Krells in the 'Phile other than maybe in Sam Tellig columns (relating to the 80) and possible references to John Atkinson using the 400s. Perhaps our friends from across the pond recall a review in the British Hi Fi mags?
I'm the proud owner of a pair of KMA-160 monos. Their nominal 160 watt rating is conservative. They're actually in the 240 watt range, into 8 ohms. They drive my Aerial 10Ts with great authority and I've never, ever run out of power with them. It's scary to imagine what a set of 400s would do!

The 160s put out a lot of heat. 400s should be pretty awesome as space heaters. And with just the 160s drawing 7 amps each, the 400s probably should not both be plugged into the
same 15 or 20 amp circuit.

Sonically, I've never heard any grain. To my ears they're impeccably smooth, immensely powerful, and throw a huge, clearly defined soundstage with no signature sound of their own that I have ever been able to identify.

I'd love to get a set of 400s. But I'd have to upgrade the air conditioning in the room they were in.
The KMA 400 B's are amongst my all time favorite amps. Dynamic as all get go, clear, transparent with just a hint of warmth. Reprince, the last pair of KMA 160 B's I saw sell here on Audiogon went for about $2100.
They've come down in price over the last 4 years! Wish I'd seen that, I might have gone for them for my bass modules. Still a very good sounding amp, particularly with hard-to-drive speakers.