Info req: Quad Classic II int or Manley Stingray 2

Does anyone have experience with both of these?

I am really considering these two for my first "real sound system"

I like the unique sound tubes deliver.
I like integrated as its just a little simpler to start and helps the budget.

I love the unique look of both
I love the history with Quad and really think Id get the ESL-2905's with it.
No idea what speaker Id get with the Stingray if I went that route.

As for my musical tastes I really listen to a wide variety of music from 80's & 90's Euro import, dance, classic, jazz, blues, rock....

I want something CLEAR! LOUD is NOT my concern,

Thank you!

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I ran a pair of Quad ESL 57,’s off the first generation Manley Stingray. Smooth as silk. It was a perfect match, the room was 12x24. TherseTing area was 14 ft away with log walls.