Info req: Quad Classic II int or Manley Stingray 2

Does anyone have experience with both of these?

I am really considering these two for my first "real sound system"

I like the unique sound tubes deliver.
I like integrated as its just a little simpler to start and helps the budget.

I love the unique look of both
I love the history with Quad and really think Id get the ESL-2905's with it.
No idea what speaker Id get with the Stingray if I went that route.

As for my musical tastes I really listen to a wide variety of music from 80's & 90's Euro import, dance, classic, jazz, blues, rock....

I want something CLEAR! LOUD is NOT my concern,

Thank you!
As I said I am new to this so not clear on everything
but it almost seems like the power their Classic II Int delivers
and the sensitivity of the 2905's that the Classic II Int is not
powerful enough for the speakers?
I have zero experience with the Classic II, but I'm a Manley dealer and have quite a bit with the Stingray II. Any particular questions about the Stingray that you have?

Taylor, thank you for the response!
I just sent an Email to you through the forum trying to explain a little more specifically what I am looking for and the budget I am trying to keep in.

I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps you will have something for me as I am not set in stone on anything yet.

I must admit I have been very happy with the few pairs of electrostatics I have heard in the past but as I have said my experience with quality audio is very limited.
Thanks for the email!

Just sent you a reply.
I ran a pair of Quad ESL 57,’s off the first generation Manley Stingray. Smooth as silk. It was a perfect match, the room was 12x24. TherseTing area was 14 ft away with log walls.