Info, please, on power cord burn-in

How do I short the female end of my power cord when I'm conducting a burn-in ? I've heard of running a wire from one slot to the next, but what kind of wire, and must it run continuously from one slot to the others ? Specifics, please. Thanks very much.
I don't think you actually mean "short" the power cord as that term implies connecting positive to ground.

If your asking how to connect several power cords together on one piece of equipment to facilitate break in, you would need some sort of adaptors to connect these together.

Are the cords your asking about the typical USA 120 Volt grounded male on one end and IEC on the other?
DON'T DO IT! DON'T DO IT! That is a direct SHORT and will blow a fuse. If you want to burn-in your power cable with out your equipment buy a Burn-In Adapter ($19.95) FROM You can burn a light blub, fan, ect. for several weeks. Bob Crump said it would take 4 week to burn in his power cables. I don't know why, but it does improve the sound.
If you believe power cords improve with use or burn in, why not just put them in your system and let them burn in while listening? That way you can reinforce your belief. Can I hear an oh brother?
Better yet, save yourself about $15 (definitely available below the list price) and buy this, commonly available at most electronic supply stores, which is exactly the same thing but not marketed to audiophiles who are willing to pay ridiculous prices:

I'd recommend the refrigerator as it has done more to burn in cords (even ones that have been on equipment for a few years) effectively than anything else I've used. I'd be prepared to leave it on your refrigerator (even if it's a newer model, energy star compliant, blah, blah, blah) for a couple of weeks.
hdm is right ,go get the grey plug that converts 3 prong to 2 prong,at walmart i think it still cost .59 cent,file the 2 prongs down till they fit into your iec,hook it up to frig ,or faster results get a 1500 watt space heater,run it a week ,and enjoy.dont worry about ground wire being burned in,it will burn in on your system,,i could be wrong ,but i never read a post here about ground wire burn in.. or do like timrhu says takes longer but it is burning in to the job it does,,
Looks like I should have re-stated what I was working with. Since my original thread (FryKleaner/power cord burn-in ? on 12/23) received no reply I posted this second, abbreviated one, which failed to mention I was using Jim Hagerman's component burn-in device (FryKleaner). After plugging the male end into the signal output socket on the back end of FryKleaner, I was told by Jim to short the female end by running a wire from one slot to the other. I tried to get a more detailed explanation as to precisely what kind of wire and whether the slot run should be continuous. Maybe he assumed my understanding was somewhat more sophisticated, but he never elaborated to my satisfaction, and since I feared sounding stupid and driving him crazy with another e-mail, here I am looking for a clear explanation from someone on Audiogon. Simply put, how do I burn in a power cord using FryKleaner ? Again, thanks
Just plug it in and let it break in naturally.
To Albertporter: Yes, the typical power cord with IEC (female)end that audiophiles buy to improve/change the sound of their system. This particular brand is called The Absolute Power Cord.
Opus88, I did not require the brand name. I just wanted to suggest the same as offered by others here in the form of an adaptor once we knew what type cord you were trying to connect.

Mine was the first response and with no idea what your experience level might be, my concern was you NOT short out the cord by connecting internal pins, thinking you were providing a load.

It looks as though poster number two had the same concern but was more emphatic about warning you.

For what it's worth, I understand the Fry is a very effective device. Unfortunately, I have not had an opportunity to try it. I do what Sugarbrie and Timhru suggest, plug in the new power cables and experience the break in changes so I can learn from the experience.

However, I've read reports that old interconnects and power cords, assumed to be fully broken in, still benefit from the Fry break in device. It and Darma cooker have the reputation as the best two ways to go.
A photo gave me the answer I was looking for. Thanks very kindly to you all, especially the always helpful and interesting Albertporter.
My 2 cents of advice, based upon my experience at DIY cords. Having built about a dozen so far of varying types. A cord will display 80% of what it can due upon first listen. Fully formed by about 150-200 hours of use. Plug em in and enjoy.
Enclosed is a site that has all kinds of connectors for PC cable burn. A lot cheaper than the "audiophile" sites.