Info/Opinion on Anthem AVM20 vs Krell Showcase

I heard only great things about these two, I listened to Ahthem AVM30 and it sure sounded nice...

How these two, AVM20 and Showcase, compare? I know these will sound great for movie, so for music? Which has better DAC for CD playing? how about the bass management? etc...

What would you get
Anthem AVM20 new at $2100
Krell Showcase less than 6mo old mint at $2500

What other would you consider at this price range?
Krell showcase is a much better processor for music and for moives! Anthem is not very good for 2 channel!
I think the complete opposite! I had both them and the anthem is a smoother sound with the voices more central in two channel.
You also can't beat the Anthem for it's bass management. The bass managemrnt can also be used for the 5.1 analog inputs. You can also now use time alighment and DSPs for The 5.1 inputs for SACD's and DVD-Audio.

I could care less about two channel. I only listen to multi channel music, and the Anthem is all about multi channel music and movies.