Info on vintage Fisher 514/504x receiver


I purchased this vintage receiver in mint condition for 20.00, but I've been searching the Internet for any info and I can't find none, I just want some basic things like WPC, etc...
I opened it up yesterdar and I found it used very good parts, for example Nichicon capacitors.
Any info would be gratly appreciated.
is your unit tube or solid state and if tube what output tubes does it have? this can give a good idea of what watts per channel it is.
Unfortunately it's solid state, otherwise having payed 20.00 for a mint condition unit would've been a steal.
It's one of those quadrophonic receivers made in the seventies, in the back I can read 585 watts which I'm sure is the power consumption but I really don't know how to get a hint of the wpc with that weights a ton though.

hum,,, well since its solid state i probably would not have a clue on that. but if you go to and get there phone number. Give them a call and they should be able to answer any questions you may have.

take care.