Info on University Loudspeakers Classic Mark II?

My sister recently bought a pair or speakers at an estate sale. She bought them hoping to resell them, but wanted to get an idea of their worth.

It's a pair of University Loudspeakers Classic Mark II's. She hoped I could help her because I'm an audio engineer, but unfortunately, my knowledge is in the area of recording equipment like microphones, pre-amps, compressors, and modern studio monitors. I'll admit I don't know a whole lot about speakers and hi-fi equipment.

I understand that at one point University was one of the bigger speaker manufacturers alongside Altec, Electro Voice, and Klipsch. But I don't know what any of this vintage equipment might hoping that someone might be able to help me ballpark their value.

They are beautiful speakers in great condition. When my sister bought them, she originally thought she was going to remove the speakers, refinish the cabinets, and sell them as furniture. I was able to talk her out of that! I'd happily give her double what she paid to have them for myself, but I don't think I have space for them. So I've convinced her to sell them as-is, but I don't want her getting ripped off by selling them too cheap.

I have a few photos, but I can't find how to attach them to a post.

Thanks for any help you can give me!